We are now two years in to the Sounds-Write programme at Cedars and it has had a huge impact on our children and staff. Our Literacy results in Key Stage 1 have shown a marked improvement and Sounds-Write has certainly contributed towards this. We have now expanded the use of Sounds-Write in to our Foundation 1 Class (Nursery) and also as an intervention programme in Key Stage 2. We are already seeing clear signs of a positive impact in both these areas.

Steve Kelly, Head Teacher
Cedars Primary School
Newport Pagnell

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Slugs and Snails


Extended Code Unit 1: sound / ae /

How do slugs and snails move around? How do they differ? What type of places do they like? These and many more questions are covered in this 'Fact File' on slugs and snails.

Readers may need help with these words: walk, their, stomach, bigger, like, places, slimy, slime, after, baby, leaves, know, phrase, pace.

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