We have been delighted with the impact of the Sounds-Write programme. Our children have made very good progress in reading and writing and we believe this rigorous programme has been key to raising standards of literacy. Having introduced Sounds-Write at my previous school and seen first hand the enormous benefits, I had no hesitation in introducing this progamme at Priory Rise. Sounds-Write makes sense and this is the comment most frequently offered by parents and staff.

Sue Cox
Head Teacher at Priory Rise Primary School
Milton Keynes

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UK Trainee Downloads

Files to update the CD in Sounds-Write's Training Manual

These downloadable updates are only for our trainees - that is, people who have attended a Sounds-Write training course.

Trainees will have been provided with the username and password on the course you attended - but if you have forgotten it, please contact us.

Please note that the username and password needed for this page are different from those used to log in to the online shopping part of this site.

Version Information:

Sept 2013: Changes to all files – some minor, some extensive, primarily to align these resources with changes to the Sept 2013 version of the manual.  Those changes are described in detail in this file.  Also eight new files added, plus part 3 of the manual is now made available in digital format.

April 2014: Tracking Activities files added.

Aug 2015: File 26, re. DfE Y1 screening check, updated to reflect the DfE's current approach.

Oct 2015: File 34, 'Teaching Sounds-Write', expanded.

May 2016: File 38, 'Years 3 4 5 and 6 Word List', and File 39, 'Lesson 6 - Bridging Lesson' added.

January 2017 - two files added:

File 44, 'Word Lists for the Extended Code' - already in the manual, offered as a download so that it may more easily be copied for use in classes.

File 98, 'Lesson 10' - this has been reworded for greater clarity. We recommend that anyone who trained prior to February 2017 updates their manual with this new version. Manuals issued on courses in Feb 2017 and thereafter already incorporate this version.

March 2017 - three files updated:

File 23, 'Initial Code Words to Read and Spell'; File 24, 'Extended Code Words to Read and Spell'; and File 25, 'Polysyllabic Words to Read and Spell'.

May 2020 - Lesson 4(a) Dictation added as pp. 92A & 92B.


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