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Initial Code Books

For beginning readers YR onwards and catch-up

The titles below will enable children to practice the literacy skills they are learning and thereby gain fluency in reading, all while they enjoy the colourfully-illustrated stories.

We have twenty-four titles for the Initial Code. This series is written particularly to support phonic teaching and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children. 

We've rebranded our Initial Code and Extended Code Main Collection decodable readers. We've done this in order to:

- Include small edits to the texts

- Replace 'The Bratt twins' with a brand new IC9 book.

- Develop a new look that shows off our up-to-date logo and branding.

Starting at the top, the books are 8 pages long and are priced at £2.50 each (except for 'Tim's Pets' which is 16 pages long and £3.00) down as far as 'Is it magic?' and 'Lost' - these titles, and the ones below them, are 16 pages long and £3.00 each.

These books are also available as e-books (Kindle format) from Amazon - this link goes to the first fourteen books on Amazon UK's site, and this link goes to the final ten books in this collection.

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