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Sarah Collymore (Headteacher, St. George's CE Primary School, Battersea; National Leader of Education)

At St George's we have used Sounds-Write for over five years and I cannot recommend it highly enough. We are a National Support School and have visitors from all over the UK and abroad visit the school each year. To a person, they are always astounded by the phonics and spelling they see.

With Sounds-Write our very youngest children in Nursery are already blending and segmenting words for reading and spelling. They love their Sounds-Write lessons so much that the teacher had to introduce a Velcro sound wall to their free-play options. 

Our phonics screening results have been 100% for the last three years and always above 96%. This is due to the excellent, consistent approach that Sounds-Write uses which empowers teachers and students alike.

In a school with high mobility, high deprivation and high EAL we can attest to the fact that Sounds-Write works for all children. It can be used for groups, whole class, 1:1, new arrivals to English and SEND pupils with ease and is a sure way to narrow the gaps for pupils. 

The training is high quality and all staff use consistent methods to teach phonics, reading and spelling effectively. Skills are taught explicitly and pupils demonstrate confidence and success from the outset.

Janet Hilary (Headteacher, National Leader of Education and Chief Executive Officer, Floreat Education)

I recommend Sounds-Write to every teacher and school leader I meet. At Floreat we teach Sounds-Write in structured lessons in Nursery and Reception as well as Year 1. We achieve consistently outstanding results and our parents are amazed at how well their children can read and spell.

The training is top quality and all staff use consistent methods to teach phonics, reading and spelling effectively. Teachers love the clarity and effectiveness of the Sounds-Write programme and are highly motivated by the achievement and enjoyment of all learners. Skills are taught explicitly and pupils demonstrate confidence and success from the outset. Progress is rapid and the quality of writing from Reception onwards astonishes visitors from other schools.

Michael Park, (Headteacher, Princecroft School, Wiltshire)

Sounds-Write has had a significant impact at Princecroft School and is transforming the life chances of our children. From very low starting points the children now make rapid progress in their phonics and by the end of Years 1 and 2 are decoding and reading at standards above their peers nationally. The lessons are carefully structured and consistently applied across the school with excellent training and materials to support the teachers. The children love the lessons and the teachers love teaching it!
I would have no hesitation in recommending this high quality Sounds-Write approach to any school wanting to raise standards and expectations in phonics and reading.

Ian Clennan (Headteacher, Selby Community Primary School, Selby, North Yorkshire, and National Leader of Education)

Sounds-Write is more than just a scheme for phonics. For Selby Community Primary School it has improved pupils’ self-esteem around reading and writing. Sounds-Write has developed stronger spellers and pupils who transfer their phonics knowledge straight into their written work. This has allowed teachers to develop a curriculum with strong links between speaking, listening, reading and writing
from the start of their school life.

Lindsay Vollans (Headteacher, St. Michael’s C of E Primary School Bishop Middleham and Evenwood C of E Primary School, Bishop Auckland , County Durham.)

Teachers’ subject knowledge and therefore their confidence with teaching phonics has vastly improved since the implementation of Sounds-Write. The skills taught through the programme are transferable throughout the curriculum with improved reading, writing and spelling from our children. The principles of Sounds-Write are appropriate and progressive throughout the whole primary spectrum with phonics lessons being used to support KS1 and KS2 teaching. This consistency has really supported the children and teachers in our school.

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