If someone you knew was considering coming on this course, what advice would you give them?

"To be open-minded to the phonic approach. Not to worry if they were not familiar with phonics prior to the course."

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Sarah Collymore (Headteacher, St. George's CE Primary School, Battersea; National Leader of Education)

At St George's we have used Sounds-Write for over five years and I cannot recommend it highly enough. We are a National Support School and have visitors from all over the UK and abroad visit the school each year. To a person, they are always astounded by the phonics and spelling they see.

With Sounds-Write our very youngest children in Nursery are already blending and segmenting words for reading and spelling. They love their Sounds-Write lessons so much that the teacher had to introduce a Velcro sound wall to their free-play options. 

Our phonics screening results have been 100% for the last three years and always above 96%. This is due to the excellent, consistent approach that Sounds-Write uses which empowers teachers and students alike.

In a school with high mobility, high deprivation and high EAL we can attest to the fact that Sounds-Write works for all children. It can be used for groups, whole class, 1:1, new arrivals to English and SEND pupils with ease and is a sure way to narrow the gaps for pupils. 

The training is high quality and all staff use consistent methods to teach phonics, reading and spelling effectively. Skills are taught explicitly and pupils demonstrate confidence and success from the outset.

Janet Hilary (Headteacher, National Leader of Education and Chief Executive Officer, Floreat Education)

I recommend Sounds-Write to every teacher and school leader I meet. At Floreat we teach Sounds-Write in structured lessons in Nursery and Reception as well as Year 1. We achieve consistently outstanding results and our parents are amazed at how well their children can read and spell.

The training is top quality and all staff use consistent methods to teach phonics, reading and spelling effectively. Teachers love the clarity and effectiveness of the Sounds-Write programme and are highly motivated by the achievement and enjoyment of all learners. Skills are taught explicitly and pupils demonstrate confidence and success from the outset. Progress is rapid and the quality of writing from Reception onwards astonishes visitors from other schools.

Julie Ashwell, (Headteacher, Everton Lower School, Beds)

Sounds Write is a thoroughly effective, relevant and connected way of learning the essential life skills of reading, spelling and writing.

All staff who have completed training are very positive about this systematic and rigorous programme which teaches the children in a multi sensory and engaging way. The impact for all has been excellent.

Richard Benson (Headteacher, Springfield Lower School, Kempston)

Sounds~write has had an enormous impact on the standards of reading and spelling at Springfield Lower School. Lower ability children are now able to work independently from an early age and higher ability children are progressing at an incredibly fast rate. Boys aren’t seen as reluctant writers any more because they are used to writing every day at school.

Louise Russell (Teacher, Woodlands Primary School, Gillingham)

We had an Ofsted this week at Woodlands and I was observed by the chief inspector during a phonic ( sounds-write ) and follow up Literacy lesson - when she invited me for feedback she gave me 'outstanding' and said she couldn't fault anything and she thought the actual phonic lesson was wonderful and and was even more amazed at the way the children were attempting to blend and write really difficult words during the creative part of the Literacy lesson.She said they were so engrossed with their task and having such fun doing it that they really didn't want to stop to talk to her!!

Dympna McNamee (Principal, St Mary’s Girls’ Primary School, Strabane)

Sounds-Write has changed our way of teaching literacy. Most of our teaching and support staff are now trained in Sounds-Write and are implementing the programme effectively. There is clear evidence of the success of this method of teaching phonics in the improved reading and spelling standards in our school.

Gillian York (Deputy Head, Wyvern School, Milton Keynes)

Sounds-Write gives our children the tools they need to unlock reading and spelling. The children love the sessions, the structure and repetition in which learning is presented to them. Sounds-Write makes children feel comfortable and confident about their skills as they know the pattern of learning which is coming next. The individual session structure also helps children to progress with word building at a rapid rate. The children at our school are happy to tackle any words when reading and spelling, using the codes they have been learning in their Sounds-Write sessions. It is accessible for all our learners including the most and least able, as well as EAL children. The parental feedback is always positive and additional meetings provide help for parents to feel able to support in the most beneficial ways to enhance the programme.

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