What do the teachers and teaching assistants who have attended our courses recently think about the course?

    "I was fascinated at the simple approach to concepts which impede learning in other methods."

    Sounds WriteSounds Write

    Sounds-Write Training Schools

    Sounds-Write Training Schools have been carefully selected because of their outstanding implementation of the Sounds-Write approach.

    The first five Sounds-Write Training Schools in the UK are now up and running. We will be announcing Sounds-Write Training Schools in Australia at the beginning of the new Australian academic year.




    Angel Oak Academy, Peckham, London

    At Angel Oak Academy we use the Sounds~Write linguistic phonics programme to teach our children to read, spell and write. Children are taught to understand the relationship between spoken language and written words. It starts with what the children naturally acquire, spoken language, and teaches them the relationship between sound-spelling correspondences. Teaching children to read through Linguistic Phonics allows them to develop their decoding skills; this supports children in learning to blend graphemes (letters) for reading, segment phonemes (sounds) for spelling and manipulate phonemes (sounds) to develop accuracy in reading and spelling. All of our teachers receive training to deliver the Sounds~Write phonics programme. 

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    St George’s C of E Primary School, Battersea, London

    St. George’s is the school with the highest deprivation factor in the borough of Wandsworth. We are keen to share what we’ve learned about working in this context and embedding Sounds-Write as our school-wide phonics approach with anyone who wants to know more.

    At St George’s we have used Sounds-Write for seven years and we cannot recommend it highly enough. We are a National Support School and have visitors from all over the UK and abroad visit the school each year. To a person, they are always astounded by the phonics and spelling they see. 


    St Michael’s C of E Primary School, Bishop Middleham, co. Durham.

    At St. Michael’s C of E Primary School, we believe that being able to read and write are the vital skills that enable us to understand and express ourselves more effectively. These skills open the door to learning.

    At St Michael’s, all of our teaching and support staff have been trained in Sounds-Write. The knowledge of sounds and symbols is an important starting point for understanding and using written language and we believe that a strong and consistent approach to the teaching of phonics is vital for our children to begin to access the rest of the curriculum.


    A close up of a logoDescription automatically generatedPrincecroft Primary School, Warminster, Wiltshire

    At Princecroft, we teach the skill of reading and writing through our daily phonics program, Sounds-Write. Sound-Write has been hugely successful at Princecroft since it was introduced in 2016, all members of staff have taken part in a 4-day training course and regular training continues to ensure that we teach phonics to the highest standard. 


    A close up of a logoDescription automatically generatedSelby Community Primary School, Selby, North Yorkshire

    Sounds-Write is more than just a scheme for phonics. For Selby Community Primary School it has im­proved pupils’ self-esteem around reading and writing. Sounds-Write has developed stronger spellers and pupils who transfer their phonics knowledge straight into their written work. This has allowed teachers to develop a curriculum with strong links between speaking, listening, reading and writing from the start of their school life.


    Sounds-Write taster days:

    Sounds-Write Training Schools offer taster days, which teachers and other educational practitioners can attend in order to find out about using the Sounds-Write approach and see it in action in the classroom. The taster days are aimed at those who have little or no prior knowledge of Sounds-Write. The aim of the session is to introduce delegates to the approach and to the way it has been implemented in the Training School, to demonstrate some of the lessons, to enable delegates to see Sounds-Write being taught in the classroom, and to see some children’s work.

    Forthcoming taster days:

    Wednesday 22nd January 2020

    Princecroft Primary School. Cost: £30/delegate. To book please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/princecroft-primary-school-23240711099


    Thursday 30th January 2020

    St Michael's Primary School, Cost: £30/delegate (+booking fee). To book please visit:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sounds-write-taster-morning-tickets-72560228597


    Wednesday 5th February 2020

    St George's School, Battersea.  Cost: £50/delegate.  To book please email: deputy@st-georges.wandsworth.sch.uk 


    Wednesday 12th February 2020

    Angel Oak Academy, Peckham. Cost: £50/delegate (+VAT). To book please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sounds-write-taster-day-tickets-89238906973


    Thursday 19th March 2020

    St Michael's Primary School, Cost: £30/delegate (+booking fee). To book please visit:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sounds-write-taster-morning-tickets-72560675935


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