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Interactive WhiteboardPresentations

We are proud to offer our interactive whiteboard presentations for the Initial and Extended Codes. As with the entirety of our programme, we have spent a good deal of time ensuring that these presentations meet the very highest of standards.

The presentations are available to run under SMART Notebook software - you will need to have SMART software installed, with a compatible interactive whiteboard, in order to use them. To enable you to check whether your system is compatible, here is a demo file containing a few slides from our Initial Code and Extended Code presentations:

Demo file for Smart software (size nearly 30mb)

Right-click and 'save target as...' to download the file to your system.

Interactive Whiteboard Presentations for the Initial Code

Staff at Aspley Guise Lower School in Bedfordshire are amongst the satisfied trainers to whom we have supplied our interactive whiteboard presentations. Please see their comments below:

"We have been using the Initial Code software in our class every day for the last twelve months. It is very user friendly both for the teacher and the children and makes preparation for each lesson quick and easy. It allows you to deliver the lesson at the required fast pace. All the words used in each unit are available at the click of a mouse and are clearly set up under each lesson heading. Word lists are also available, which saves a great deal of preparation time. The software is particularly useful when another teacher has covered the class as she can just pick up from the previous day's teaching. The children really enjoy using the software, although if using in a reception class you need to ensure that you can lower the Interactive Whiteboard to the children's level so that they can easily move the sounds on the board." (Reception staff)

"The software gives the children an opportunity to move the words/letters easily and model their responses. From the teacher's point of view all the resources are pre-made and readily available, which certainly cuts down on our workload."' (Literacy co-ordinator)

"The software enables us to deliver the Sounds-Write programme in an efficient and effective way. It enhances lesson delivery and enables interactive pupil participation. I am certain that the children are learning their sounds at a faster pace and reading more confidently since the software was utilised." (Headteacher)

The presentations consist of 338 slides, 33 of which have been specially illustrated for us by Judith Wardle. The sequence of slides follows the order of the Sounds-Write programme.

Sounds-Write's interactive whiteboard presentations were assessed and approved by the UK government's 'Curriculum Online' agency in 2007.


Some examples of the presentation slides can be seen -by clicking here


Interactive Whiteboard Presentations for the Extended Code (Units 1 - 25)

Contains activities for all the first twenty-five units of the Extended Code as well as polysyllabic words for reading and spelling.

As Sounds-Write practitioners will be aware, the phoneme and grapheme units contain a range of activities. For example, there are word building activities with puzzles, sorting activities, find the spellings, sound reviews, opportunities to build ‘silly sentences’, as well as building and reading polysyllabic words.

All presentations are displayed in an attractive format for children at any key stage and learning objectives and instructions are given in user-friendly terms.

Sounds-Write activities are designed to provide daily practice for all children learning to read and spell, whether as beginning readers or as catch-up. They give pupils practice in the skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation: the skills identified as being key to proficient reading and spelling. They also rapidly develop pupils’ knowledge of the alphabet code as well as their understanding of how the writing system works in relation to the sounds of everyday language.

A Literacy Co-ordinator's View:

"We currently use the interactive whiteboard extended code disc throughout our school. The disc is extremely comprehensive and has a large number of activities to fit in with all of the extended code lessons. Polysyllabic lessons ensure that higher ability children are challenged on a daily basis. Another benefit of using the disc is that lessons are prepared for you and are ready at the click of a button. The children are also more motivated to participate in lessons when the interactive whiteboard is being used. We are delighted to be able to use the extended code disc in our school." (Mick James, Literacy co-ordinator, Springfield Lower School).

The licence agreement for the presentations allows each school to make and use up to five copies of them, which in turn enables the use of the presentations in multiple classrooms at the same time. Alternatively, you may wish to store the presentations on the school's server - also allowed within the terms of the licence.

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