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Sounds-Write is an Approved DfE Provider

We have been validated by the DfE since 2011, and continue to be so.  During this time our training has been visited by Ofsted and found to be outstanding twice. More information is available on the DfE's website.


The Sounds-Write Showcase

Click here to begin viewing a series of short videos that provide an introduction to Sounds-Write.


Information and Support for the Coronavirus Outbreak

Some of you are asking about supporting your students online while schools are closed. We have made some resources available so you can support your students during this period. Most recently we added activities for the Initial Code from 'Help Your Child to Read and Write (Part 1) which you can download from this link.  Details of all other resources are in this file.

Supporting Students one-to-one

If you are a reading tutor or speech pathologist teaching students one-to-one, we strongly recommend that you use Zoom (or another real time conferencing platform). In Australia, DSF in Perth are offering training for all their tutors, and James Lyra has also kindly provided this online course to get you started. 

IWB materials

Some of you have asked about the IWB materials. These are available through DSF in Perth and through this page on our website. However, unless you have the technical know-how and the equipment to use this on your VLE, you might find it tricky to get started.

Videoing lessons

Some schools have asked if they can video Sounds-Write lessons and put them online. Here’s our position:

We are asking schools not to video Sounds-Write lessons and post the videos online on a space such as Youtube or Vimeo. The lesson scripts are copyrighted material, and any teacher trained in Sounds-Write has signed a copyright form agreeing not to break our copyright. Please bear in mind that this would break copyright, as you don’t have the right to publish, broadcast or transmit the Sounds-Write lessons in any medium. What we offer, therefore, for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown only, is a relaxation of some specific restrictions that otherwise apply. Here is a file that sets out, in full, our terms and conditions for this more flexible use of our materials during the lockdown.

Some of you might wonder why we take this position. This is because Sound-Write is a training programme, and we need to protect our intellectual property and our integrity. Most other phonics providers are in fact large publishing houses that don’t mind giving some of their know-how and a small percentage of their resources away, as this will ultimately result in sales.  For Sounds-Write the situation is rather different: the main aspect of our work is in training teachers and providing our know-how, and as such, we want to make sure this is not compromised by well-meaning people who have not thought through the copyright and intellectual property issues involved.

So, let us reiterate that the Sounds-Write lessons are copyrighted and you don’t have the right to broadcast these publicly on video.

Sounds-Write Trainings 

Many educators who have signed up to our forthcoming trainings are reaching out to us to find out about the events, as most of these have had to be postponed. We are working very hard to put an online training course together, and it will be available in May. If you have already registered for a course, your trainer will be in touch to offer you a place on an online course or a postponement of the face-to-face training. For your information, the online courses will last for 4 weeks, participants will be doing the course with a cohort of trainees so that there is a community of participants that can discuss the activities together, and you will be supported by a Sounds-Write trainer, most likely the same one who would have delivered your face-to-face course. The learning objectives and materials will be exactly the same as for the face-to-face course.

Regarding Face to face courses

Where it is necessary to postpone a course we will contact attendees directly and will also update the entry for the relevant course on the ‘Courses’ page of our website.  We ask everyone attending our courses to follow the latest advice from the UK government or the Australian government, as appropriate.

Please keep safe everyone!

A Gold Standard for Literacy

Sounds-Write is a quality first phonics programme, and is probably the finest system of literacy tuition in the English language. Details of the programme, and the reasons for its outstanding reputation, are set out on the page 'About Us'.


"I recommend Sounds-Write to every teacher and school leader I meet. At Floreat we teach Sounds-Write in structured lessons in Nursery and Reception as well as Year 1. We achieve consistently outstanding results and our parents are amazed at how well their children can read and spell.

The training is top quality and all staff use consistent methods to teach phonics, reading and spelling effectively. Teachers love the clarity and effectiveness of the Sounds-Write programme and are highly motivated by the achievement and enjoyment of all learners. Skills are taught explicitly and pupils demonstrate confidence and success from the outset. Progress is rapid and the quality of writing from Reception onwards astonishes visitors from other schools.” 

Janet Hilary, Headteacher, National Leader of Education and Chief Executive Officer, Floreat Education


 Our Sounds-Write Training Schools

Sounds-Write Training Schools have been carefully selected because of their outstanding implementation of the Sounds-Write approach.

Sounds-Write Training Schools:

Sounds-Write Training Schools have been carefully selected because of their outstanding implementation of the Sounds-Write approach.

We are delighted to announce that there are now two Sounds-Write Training School in Australia. They join the five Sounds-Write Training Schools in the UK in providing taster days and other staff development opportunities.

For more information, please go to our Training Schools Page.


Help your child to read and write: New online course

'Help your child to read and write' is an online course in two parts - and the first part is free! It's aimed specifically at parents and carers who are interested in putting their children on the first steps to literacy. Part 1 covers the first seven units of the Initial Code, and Part 2 covers units 8 to 11 inclusive.

You can find the course by clicking on the graphic below, or go to: https://www.udemy.com/course/help-your-child-to-read-and-write/



What is Sounds-Write


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